On behalf of Simple Elegance wedding decorators of Bismarck, and our creative partners, we would like to say congratulations on your engagement and thank you for visiting our Bridal Show website! We are super excited to be hosting our 15th Annual Fall Bridal Show which will be held Sunday Oct 15th 2023 at the Bismarck Event Center.  We are very excited to announce our new name will be the ND Wedding Expereince! Combining our Spring I Do Birdal Show and the Fall Bisman Bridal Show into one brand!
The time line and tickets will be on sale very soon. You must be an engaged bride or groom and present to win.  Be sure to like our Facebook page for updates as well. 
We are on our 16th year of wedding decorating, and each and every one we treat as if it were our very own. Throughout these awesome years, we have had the privilege to meet some of the most talented professionals in our area, and wanted to showcase these talented creative partners to you!
From photographers, videographers, health/fitness, investments, make-up, bridal party florals, bridal party jewelry, DJ services, limos, cakes, spas, we have it all and MORE!
If you are looking to become a vendor in this show you can contact me at also be sure to check out our facebook page for the latest updates.
Featuring the best of the best vendors and thousands in prizes! It's the largest premier show in the Dakotas, so don't miss out on this great event! A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to purchasing toys for Carrie's Kids.
We look forward to seeing you all October 15th, 2023!
Lacey Kuhn
Simple Elegance

VENDORS: For booth information contact Lacey at 701-202-8038 or email






I enjoyed having the ability to network with multiple types of vendors simultaneously. It really decreases the time spent on the phone trying to narrow down all the options. It was very well put together and the vendors were awesome.   ~2020 Bridal Show Attendee


We really liked the variety of vendors and that there was enough to walk around for 2 hours!  We saw vendors we didn't event think about for a weeding!   ~2020 Bridal Show Attendee


I enjoyed how much information there was. We were able to make an informed decision on what services I might want to go with!    ~2020 Bridal Show Attendee


We loved the prizes! And the set up was safe and easy to get aound!    ~2020 Bridal Show Attendee


I liked the variety of vendors and the discounts they offered that day - we booked our DJ there for a discount! ~2019 Bridal Show Attendee


I liked seeing all of the different options for receptions that I never even thought about (food truck, photo booth on wheels, photo mirror, etc. ~2019 Bridal Show Attendee


It was nice to see that there are so many businesses and people that help with every aspect of your wedding. Everyone at each booth was sooo friendly! Of course the treats were delicious too! It was put togehter so well! ~2019 Bridal Show Atendee


This show was so versatile and had so much to offer. I have a lot of things already for my wedding, but I thought I would attend the show anyways. It was a HUGE help in making me see what I was missing all together or helping me with what I still needed. I was able to book so many things at this show and meet some incredible people. I am so happy I was able to attend!  ~2018 Bride Show Attendee


The whole show was amazing. So many people to meet and greet. I will be using a few vendors from this show for my wedding. So excited.   ~2018 Brid Show Attendee


I liked the variety of booths and vendors at the show. Some of the vendors you search for online and don’t get the results you want. It was nice actually speaking to someone about their services, then reading it online.   ~2018 Bride Show Attendee


I liked that I could take the time I wanted to visit with the vendors rather than feeling rushed to complete numerous areas for a competition. The previous bridal show I attended was set up this way and I felt very rushed and overwhelmed.   ~2018 Bride Show Attendee


I loved the VIP early access, as well as the VIP drawings. The booths layout were well done and organized. Thank you for everything.    ~2018 Bride Show Attendee


I loved how warm and welcoming the environment was! I truly felt like a superstar even though there were hundreds of other soon to be brides. The vendors were very sweet!   ~ 2017 Bride Show Attendee


A lot of helpful booths! We got our limo and photographer booked thanks to the bridal show! We also found a vendor for our cake!   ~ 2017 Bride Show Attendee


I loved how it was spread out enough that nothing was overwhelming. Also loved the presenter as he was so personable and knowledgeable (I had never heard of him previously).   ~ 2017 Bride Show Attendee


I really enjoyed all the vendors that were at the show! I got so many good ideas and plan to incorporate several into my wedding!   ~ 2017 Bride Show Attendee


I liked how many vendors there were and how different they were. I appreciated seeing some different set ups of decorators and getting to taste test multiple cakes.   ~ 2016 Bride Show Attendee


I liked how the vendors were friendly and interactive. I really liked what the photographers had to offer. Seeing the different table setups was really nice to see also!   ~ 2016 Bride Show Attendee


It gave me a good sense of what I needed to plan and figure out! I really appreciated the contact that I found and the information I received. It made planning the smaller details a lot easier because I had places in mind to contact.   ~ 2016 Bride Show Attendee


I like how well organized it was, and the number of vendors was incredible. It was a very helpful event in introducing local djs, photographers, etc. Instead of relying on family members or friends to point you in the right direction.   ~ 2016 Bride Show Attendee